Upgrading of 20 Kilometres of Rumphi - Nyika - Road (Lot 2) (Chikwawa-Bembe section)

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Upgrading of 20 Kilometres of Rumphi - Nyika - Road (Lot 2) (Chikwawa-Bembe section)

Pursuant to the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDSIII), 2018 and the Transport Master Plan, 2018 that are both recent policy documents that articulates issues related to both economic growth and development in the Transport Sector, the Government of the Republic of Malawi is upgrading the 20Km (Chikwawa Bembe Section) part of Rumphi Nyika road.

The Rumphi Nyika road was initially constructed to an earth road, reshaped over several years by Graders to form a well drained all weather road with several ring culverts along the entire length. The scope of work includes upgrading of the existing earth road to Class I bitumen standard i.e. 6.8m carriage width and 1.5m sealed shoulders on both sides. Both the Base and Sub-base layers will be constructed from locally sourced natural gravel materials of 150mm thick each. Surfacing is 50mm thick Hot Mix Asphalt. The project will have many benefits to the people along the road and to the country as a whole. Some of the benefits will include; Reduced road maintenance costs, vehicle operating and passenger travel costs, ease problems of transporting farm inputs and produce to and from various markets, reduce the occurrence of dust and mud along the project area, employment creation, business boosting and boost tourism.

Start date: 2022-08-24 Due date: 2023-08-23
7,694,092,436.93   MWK
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