Rumphi Water Supply and Sanitation Services Improvement Project

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Rumphi Water Supply and Sanitation Services Improvement Project

Rumphi water supply system currently provides water to 17,928. Majority of the customers are connected through 20 mm diameter pipelines resulting in very low pressures. Rumphi water supply scheme covers most of the areas of Rumphi Boma except developing areas around the Boma such as Jaghala and Mlongoti which are partly connected and having low pressures. Boundaries of the existing water supply are Mayembe and Phalasitwe Hills to the north, South Rukuru River to the south and east and Chigwere to the west.

To construct an intake weir for Rumphi water supply system; To upgrade the water treatment plant; To upgrade the water supply transmission systems covering pumps and pipelines including installation of solar power; To upgrade and expand the distribution pipe network including construction of storage tanks; To enhance access to improved sanitation and hygiene services; To construct a sanitary landfill; To construct a liquid waste/ wastewater treatment facility; To manage the catchment area for South Rumphi River.

Start date: 2023-08-01 Due date: 2028-07-31
36,286,000.00   USD
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Rumphi Town Rumphi Northern
Bwengu Mzimba Northern
Bolero Rumphi Northern
Enukweni Mzimba Northern
Phwezi Rumphi Northern
Kacheche Mzimba Northern


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