The Nsanama-Nayuchi/Mozambique Border Road section is approximately 44 km long with very sandy soils. The road starts at Nsanama and ends at Nayuchi on the Mozambique border. It passes through two trading centres, namely Mbanila and Namanja. The scope of works under this project is the upgrading of 10km of road section from Nsanama to Nkhande Bridge towards Nayuchi.The works will include construction of a 6.7m wide carriageway and 1.5m wide sealed shoulders on each side of the road. The pavement layers will be constructed from natural gravels with 50mm Asphalt Concrete surfacing.

The project will have many benefits to the people along the road and to the country as a whole. Some of the benefits will include; 1. Road Maintenance costs With the new road construction from earth to bituminous surfaced standard, the road will operate in an all-weather condition. Ultimately, emergency maintenance works during the rainy season and costs will be reduced as concentration will be on routine maintenance activities such as drainage structures cleaning, line marking, grass cutting and patching of any potholes that may develop. The road has been raised to prevent over flooding / overtopping during rainy season which will make travel safety all year round. 2 Vehicle Operating and Passenger Travel costs Vehicle operating costs savings constitute the most important benefit attributable to the project. This will have direct reduction on maintenance cost of the vehicles, reduced fuel consumption and travel time. 3 Agriculture The area where the road passes is an agricultural area for mainly sorghum. The improvement of the road will ease problems of transporting farm inputs and produce to and from various markets. 4 Employment Creation and Business Boosting The people around the area of the road project will also benefit by getting employed in various road activities by the Contractor. During project implementation and after, a lot of businesses will be enhanced along the project road and the communities will be empowered economically. 5 Inter-Border Trade It is hoped that the improvement of the road will enhance movement of goods between the two countries of Mozambique and Malawi, thereby boosting trade. 6 Reduction of travel time The construction of the road will help reduce the travel time thereby increasing the people productive time to work and businesses.

Start date: 2021-04-23 Due date: 2022-02-22
5,361,576,130.35   MWK
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