Finding a project

The IPPI has several different ways in which you can search for a specific project. These include:

  • Searching using the map
  • Searching using the search panel

Searching using the map

While you are on the home page, you can click any of the districts on the Map search feature to reveal projects in that district

Searching using the search panel

Apart from the search panel, you can also use the Keyword search panel on the home page to search for projects.

  1. Type in the title of the project in the search box
  2. Select the type of project (or leave it blank to return all types of projects)
  3. Click submit

Searching by entity, project type or party

On the home page, you also have the ability to view projects by the top project types, top entities or Top Parties.

Click the arrow next to any of the project types, entities or parties.

The search results page will appear

To open a project, click the button next to the project. The Project page will be shown

Understanding the project information

The following are the details on the project page.

Basic project details

At the top of the project page are the project basic details such as the name of the project, the description, start date, end date, etc.


The locations tab contains information about the project location(s).


Classifications are extra pieces of information that project publishers indicate per each project.


Parties to a project are different entities, suppliers, funders, bidders, etc who are part of the project in their own different capacities.

Budget breakdown

The budget breakdown specifies the projected costs or allocated budget on the project.

Related projects

There are references to projects related to the same set of infrastructure assets as this project. For example, a project for the replacement of a bridge might reference the earlier project for its initial construction. (A reference to a project related to the same set of infrastructure assets as this project. Generally, related projects either precede or follow on from the current project.)


These are pieces of documentation related to this project. Documents for the preparation phase, environmental impact reports, land settlement impact reports etc.


A single project may have a number of related contracting processes (design, construction, monitoring etc.).

Click the eye icon next to the project name to view the Project’s basic details.


The IPPI provides a way to add comments or feedback on the project.

To navigate through the project page, click any of the navigation items on the left hand side of the project screen.

Understanding contract information

To navigate to a single contract, click Contracts on the navigation on the left of the Project Page.  This will reveal a table showing the different contracts of the project.

To open a single contract, click the button next to the contract:

Posting comments/feedback

The IPPI allows you to post feedback which will be picked up by the implementers of the project. Feedback allows the public to ask questions and post comments on the progress of public infrastructure projects.

To post feedback:

  1. While on the project page, click Comment on the navigation on the left-hand side
  2. Click Add comment
  3. Enter your name, email and your comment
  4. Click submit comment

The implementing entity of the project will be notified by email and through the IPPI portal for Procurement and Disposal Entities (PDEs). They will be able to respond to the query through your the submitted email.